Saturday, April 25, 2009

messenger and courtesan

A curious dialogue between the king's messenger and a courtesan.The guy is carrying a spear, which was usually carried by the messengers in anicient times...Courtesan with all her finery.
Same scribbled figures later washed with a bit of water color...


  1. Hello Lala
    Thank you for allowing me to view your artwork.
    This is very clever and you are very talented. I hope you will allow me to follow your blog and enjoy more of your fine work.
    Best Regards

  2. I thank you, Trevor, on behalf of lala; for joining us here.I hope you come often to watch and enjoy his drawings.

  3. Hello from England Lala,
    Your paintings are wonderful. They tell such interesting stories and they are so full of colour. I very much like the village scenes with the farming and the women making grinding the grain to make flour.
    Don't stop painting, you have a great talent!
    With best wishes,

  4. Hi Sheila, welcome to this blog..lala will keep painting and i will keep posting them..enjoy.

  5. He really has his own style with this line and wash, I love it.